Hacks & Hackers & RBI
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Hacks & Hackers & RBI

The ScraperWiki LogoJudith’s just posted the news to the Scraperwiki blog: RBI’s hosting a Hacks & Hackers sessions here in Quadrant House.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the hack days are designed to bring together “hacks” – journalists – and “hackers” – developers – to build interesting online journalistic products using the skills of both groups. The RBI session will be focusing (as you might expect) on data and information that affects B2B interactions, including relevant government data.
The day isn’t just for RBI staff, either – it’s split 50-50 between us and anyone who wants to come in from the outside. It’s going to be a complete day-long event, and I’d love to see some of the readers of this blog there, 
The event’s taking place on Monday 29th November and you can [scramble for a place on Eventbrite](http://rbihackday.eventbrite.com/). 


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