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Au Revoir, Publican

Publican Newspaper - October 1996

In the mid-90s, I finally got myself out of university, and into the working population. And my first job was on a weekly B2B magazine – for the pub trade. This week, that publication puts out its last issue, before it merges with its long-term rival, the Morning Advertiser (called the Licensee back then)

The current staff have just published a retrospective of the title’s 36 years, and have included an issue I worked on (right). I remember vividly the very first sample crate of the very first alcopop (Hooper’s Hooch) arriving in the office, not long after I joined, and the staff generally poo-pooing the concept. Oops.

Another little bit of the print heritage of B2B passes into history. Of all the magazines I’ve worked on full-time, only one is still publishing now. Times really are changing…

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Adam Tinworth   Adam Tinworth

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