Blogging for sanity's sake

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Tom Jones tells the story of a farmer who blogged his way away from the precipice of madness:

It was my sister, ensconced within her warm east London office, who suggested I turn a roughly cobbled together email into a blog. Blogs, she informed me, were far more accessible, as followers can go at any time to a page constantly blossoming with stories.The result has been supremely satisfying. “Swallow the key” is one of my favourite blog entries and there isn’t a talking animal to be seen. It was written in May last year after a hard winter when sheep were deciding that heaven was a better option. To be able to speak out about the pressures of farming and how close it can bring some farmers to oblivion was wholly rewarding.

I often say when giving speeches that people don’t realise that the word “social” is the most important half of social media. I think this story underpins that point.

The full story is in Farmers Weekly.

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