Another (useful) media metaphor
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Another (useful) media metaphor

A predictably insightful and inspiring post from Mr Mayfield:

> It occurs to me that media and marketing businesses are like the master craftsmen of old. Master masons in the middle ages created cathedrals and castles of staggering scale and beauty.  > When science – and especially mathematics – began to make its influence felt more, though, a whole new world of possibilities opened up – what we think of as the modern discipline of architecture. Projects of scale and ambition were led by architects. > > Architects brought together science and the art. > That’s not to say that master masons wouldn’t and didn’t have a future – but it was a future within the context of architecture as a discipline, as a world view.

I’ve felt for a long time that the future of media will look very different from even its recent past. This is more grist to the mill.


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