#futureofmobile - five observations so far

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Making that App store decision

A few lunchtime notes:
- Apple’s mindshare at conferences like this is truly terrifying – I’ve seem maybe three non-Apple laptops, and one non-Apple tablet. Otherwise, it’s wall-to-wall MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and iPads. - There’s a lot of hopes for Windows 8 / Windows Phone here, that’s somewhat tempered by its lack of traction amongst the public, certainly in awareness terms - There’s a deep air of uncertainty. People used to building for a standard platform – the web – are now trying to deal with a fragmented market of OSes. Apple’s dominance in mobile app revenue is alluded to, but people aren’t confronting it head on. - RIM’s Blackberry has been mentioned precisely once. Based on this conference so far, it’s a dead platform walking. - Several of the “consultants” around are clearly evangelists of one platform in a consultant’s clothing. Beware, beware if you’re hiring a consultant for your mobile development
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