For your Kindle or iPad: Content Meant? #1

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
[![Content Meant? #1 on Kindle](](
Have you come across [ReadLists]( They’re an interesting idea from the ([occasionally controversial]( people behind [Readability]( 
The idea is rather interesting. It creates an eBook package out of a bundle of web content, and sends it to your [Kindle]( "Link added by VigLink"), [iPad]( "Link added by VigLink") or similar device for reading. I can feel some publishers sweating already – this means people reading their content without visiting the website, without seeing the ads, without pushing the precious hit count up one. And all of that’s true. But all of that’s true of RSS, too, and some people are more interested in being read, and deriving business value from that, than in driving traffic to particular page. So, I think it’s an experiment worth trying. 
And, thanks to my [MacBook being out of commission]( for a while, I had a whole bunch of slightly-aging tabs stored in Safari which made excellent fodder for lean-back, considered reading. So, rather than doing a traditional link post, I’ve built the first issue of *Content Meant?* for your weekend or commuting reading pleasure. This may be a one off – or it may become a regular thing. Let’s see how you folks react to it, and how I feel this time next week. 🙂
So, here it is:
Let me know how you get on with it, and I’d be particularly interested to hear how your experience was on different devices.. 
**Update**: some people are having problems with the ReadLists e-mail service, so here’s a [direct download link to the ePub file]( 

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