A brand new SoundCloud - SoundCloud Next

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Alexander Ljung of SoundCloud

Alexander Ljung

SoundCloud is in the 10 hours of sound uploaded every minute stage. Obama has put the White House on SoundCloud – you can listen to his weekly address there. Big Boi can get 100,000s of plays for something new using the service. Alexander’s cousin uses SoundCloud to capture his daughter’s sounds.

They’re building a new version of SoundCloud – Next. It’s seeing a 30% increase in engagement. Today’s it’s switching from private Beta to become the public site.

New things:

  • Explore – the ability to browse through cool, popular stuff by category
  • Search – rebuilt from the ground up.  DiscoRank is their new algorithm for searching their service. Designed to be really quick.
  • Related sounds – every piece of sound will show related sounds. It l;earns about your tastes over time.

These all help with the 10 hours per minute problem.

The sign-up experience now shows you the SoundCloud accounts of things you’re connected to via Facebook, both brands and people. They’re adding a creation hub, which encourages existing and would-be creators to develop their skills.

You can now repost sounds to the your stream, and create sets of sounds.


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