Still doomed, after all these years
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Still doomed, after all these years

Private Frazer’s Doomed Magazines is five years old. At this rate it might out-live the industry:

Actually, of course publishing will survive, but in five years time there will be fewer titles and fewer big companies. Magazines will continue to close, publishing businesses will go out of business or merge, and fewer people will be employed. We will continue to read articles (on mobile devices, obviously) about the ‘vibrancy’ of print because another tiny indy publication has launched; the PPA will continue to send out press releases about the health of the industry even as its membership continues to fall; and senior executives will continue to pay themselves ten times more than most of their employees as their reward for managing decline.

There’s so much that’s quotable in the post, that I had a hard time picking out just one par. Go read.

Congratulations, Private Frazer, you miserable old sod. 🙂


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