What's NEXT? Here be dragons...
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What's NEXT? Here be dragons...

ProgrammeOut_640x498.jpgMy first client when I went independent was – and still is – NEXT Berlin, a conference held anually in Berlin. It’s a conference I attended as a blogger and fell in love with because it was so very good at looking a few years ahead. Most web conference are very much about the now – about what’s hitting the mainstream at the time the conference is held. NEXT is great at talking about what will matter in a couple of years – so you can be ready for it.

That’s why I’ve enjoyed writing for their blog so very much. It allows me to probe the future in a range of fields, and that’s just plain fun.

This year, the conference is exploring the idea that there are dangers in the world to come. Here be dragons… But the thing about dragons, is that they sit on piles of gold. Slay the dragon, and the treasure is yours.

The conference programme has just been announced, and it looks like a corker.

I’m all booked up for two frantic days of liveblogging in Berlin. I hope to see some of you there.


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