Head in the clouds

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

View from EasyjetI’ve been travelling for work, which has kept me busy and quiet – here at least.

It’s also given me some time for thought and reflection, and that means I’ve made a few decisions, and come to some conclusions in my own head, which I need to clarify for myself by writing them out. I actually have a blog “calendar” for myself for next week – with the intention of writing one long-form piece a day through the working week (Thursday might be the exception for reasons that will become clear).

Things change. Two years ago I was so terrified of flying that I refused to get on a plane. This week, the London / Berlin flight was a chance for quiet reflection. Sometimes you need to take stock of those changes, and figure out what they mean for what you believe. That’s what next week will be all about.

Those of you who have missed my occasional rants here over the past few years will probably find it quite fulfilling… 😉


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