What price social media skills?

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth


It seems to be social media satire day today:

“I’m constantly pushing the boundaries with my tweets,” added the man who makes approximately $1,600 per month after taxes and has not made a student loan payment in over two years. “I started a Tumblr a few months ago too, because sometimes 140 characters just doesn’t cut it for what I need to say.”

According to sources, Wasserman receives over 300 retweets and 400 favorites on each of the roughly 30 tweets he posts daily. The universally proclaimed “Twitter luminary” also reportedly attracts hundreds of new followers every week and has a $1,000 monthly credit limit on his VISA card.

There’s a serious point lurking under this – many “social media strategist” type roles are poorly paid, and targeted at people in their 20s, in the assumption that social media is something only young people can understand. Somewhere down the line, a lot of business are going to pay dearly for that – fundamentally agist – assumption. In part, because it means that they’re not taking the issues as seriously as they should, but largely because the wheel of social tools on the internet keeps turning, and many people in significant social roles in companies have never experienced one of those shifts.

In the meantime, the rest of us can enjoy some of the howling mistakes they make. What else is the Condescending Corporate Brand page for?

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