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Waking up to find Julian Assange on your bed

A really compelling tale of behind-the-scenes life at Wikileaks from James Ball:

Faced with the bizarre situation of being asked to sign a gag order by a whistleblowing organization, I, alone, refused. Encouraged by Julian (I later learned), WikiLeaks staffers kept me up until 3 a.m. pressuring me to sign. Early the next morning, I awoke with Assange sat on my bed, pressuring me to sign–even before I was dressed. I held out, eventually left our remote location, and didn’t go back.

It seems like a shame that the terrible personal failings of Julian Assange come to overshadow the good work being done in the early days of the service.

Charlie Becket was quick to jump into the comments to plug the book he and James wrote about it: WikiLeaks: News in the Networked Era. I’ve grabbed a copy, and will report back…

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