10 days of #back2blog-ing. How did it go?

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

#back2blog success

Yesterday marked the 10th and final day of the latest #back2blog challenge. The idea was to post every day at least once for 10 days. My hope was that it would kickstart my blogging. How did it go?

Well, as you can see from the graph above – swimmingly. Last week was hard, and on Sunday I came right down to the wire with a photo post. But it all kicked in properly this Monday, and I’ve been blogging up a storm since. Admittedly, today’s been quiet, but that’s because I was looking after Hazel to allow my wife to attend a conference.

Blogging is, as much as anything, a mindset. For me, it’s getting into the flow state of encountering an idea for a post, and then connecting that moment of insight with the action of writing the post as closely as I can. The forced discipline of posting every day helped get all the right synapses firing once more – with great results. Now, let’s see if I can keep it up…


My personal, supplementary challenge was to write all my posts in Markdown. Did I achieve it? Yup. Will I continue doing so? Yup. It really makes writing well-formatted blog posts with good underlying HTML so much quicker. You can do pretty much all of it without having to lift hand from keyboard to start clicking buttons on the toolbar. Every second counts in my working life right now, and the time I’m claiming back is being recycled well – into an increased posting rate.

If you’re a frequent blogger, I strongly suggest you give it a go…

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