Torque on corners (or editing for beginners)

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

From the editor’s letter on Torque, a new WordPress news site:

Our goal with Torque is to create a hub for community building and offer a forum for WordPress news. Dedicated entirely to the advancement of the WordPress ecosystem, Torque operates on the open-source philosophy that together, we can accomplish more than we can separately.

Clearly not dedicated to the goal of writing clearly then.

WordPress has touched nearly every internet user and changed the lives of countless engineers, writers, and entrepreneurs. WordPress is our shared backbone. The Business of WordPress is thriving and continues to grow rapidly. We believe it’s time that professionals inside and outside the WordPress Community have a reliable and lasting news resource.

Not entirely sure that making your core community sound like a creepy cult is the way forwards, either.

I don’t really mean to pick on this particular editor, but I’m seeing more online news/community hub sites just lose their way with this sort of meaningless jargon. The first duty of an editor is to clarity and accuracy. Too many people are losing sight of that.


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