#leweb : The future through Loïc Le Meur's eyes

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Loic Le Meur
The 10th LeWeb kicks off with Loïc’s view of the future…

One of the trends Loïc thinks important is meditation! Mindfulness is important, he suggests, taking control of what you want to do. Communities remain important – and creating physical places for them matters. Digital detoxing is happening because tech is becoming so pervasive that we need time out.

Apps are going to have to get easier – they need to reduce our friction in our lives, and make things easier. Education is pushing online. 3D printers and drones are changing manufacture, distribution and creativity. 3D printing has enhanced the maker movement.

Connected objects are going to be a HUGE trend – the internet of things will thread throughout the whole conference. The internet is going everywhere – it’s becoming pervasive through all the item around us, including cars. That plays into wearables. And that then plays into the quantified self movement, as we measure more and more about ourselves.

Artificial Intelligence is growing. Loïc doesn’t use Siri or Google Now much – but they feel like the future. Payment mechanisms are changing, from mobile payments through to the rise of bitcoin. Funding is changing from big name angels through to crowd-funding.

Retail hasn’t changed much – yet. But production is changing, which will change retail. And design is becoming ever more important. Startups are adding a designer to their founder team, and big business is hiring big design talent.

Here are the slides:

**[Silicon Valley Trends – LeWeb Nov 2013](https://www.slideshare.net/loiclemeur/silicon-valley-trends-leweb-nov-2013 "Silicon Valley Trends - LeWeb Nov 2013")** from **[Loic Le Meur](http://www.slideshare.net/loiclemeur)**

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