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Two apologies (one about email and one about the blog)

What now, oh Bear

Hey, all. I hope you’re having a good Friday.

I have two apologies to make.

The Accidental Spammer

I was informed yesterday that several people were getting completely blank e-mails en masse from my e-mail address. They do appear to have originated from this server, and either changes made by me or my webhost seem to have put a stop to them. My apologies if you got hit by it.

Silence of the Blogger

In a possibly-related incident, my webhost blocked access to my blog’s software late yesterday evening, and followed that up by suspending my account entirely. I’ve not had a complete explanation as yet – depending on what they do say, I may be looking at moving hosts, which will be fun.

Because of this, yesterday’s long form post never got done (and, indeed, for a few hours there was no published blog for it to appear on). That means that sometime between now and the end of the month, I’ll have to do two posts in one day…

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