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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

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Lauri Feinsod

Lauri Feinsod uses the power of conscious business change to unleash people’s potential

20 years ago, Lauri was diagnosed with something very serious – life-threatening, in fact. And she was one of the three worst patients the doctor had ever seen. He recommended that she be flow to Texas and put in isolation so she could be studied – and maybe – maybe – helped.

But she recovered.

What happened?

Well, it was an opportunity to hit the reset button on the system called her body. She didn’t just get better – she got best. The symptoms of the disease went – but so did other things, she thought were inherent to her. She rebooted herself, and she’s used that experience to create a new kind of business.

Her invitation? For us to practice the four states of being that allowed her transformation:

1. Super Here

This is the state of being so present we connect much more widely with things around us. This can be cultivated. Just intend it. If you practice this, almost anything becomes an opportunity to become super here.

How do you call it forth in a business? The easiest way is to create spaces. It can be as mundane as a celebration, or as elaborate as an eight week training programme. They held a “birthday month” gathering, where staff who shared a birthday month gathered together. One member was worried about her ethnicity and its link with 9/11 – did people blame her for that? She’d carried that worry for six year – and that space allowed her to deal with it.

2. Living the question

The invitation is to live the question. What is the question that best describes your calling in the world?

What is the potential of corporate culture to be a positive force in the world? That’s the question they walk in their business. They’re within minutes of being a zero landfill organisation.

3. Being the field of potential

Think of anyone you admire – you can probably sense that they do some of this. They presence the potential of what they do far beyond what they do themselves. What is the facet of the diamond for you, that you will presence?

Caring survival

That comment is soft, yet ruthless.

4. Witnessing Brilliance

If you do the first three – you may unleash the Kraken. If you enable large groups to co-create a better future, that what was in the way before can tend to bubble up. In the face of residence or noise, Take in what you get from beauty or brilliance, and give it out in times of stress or resistance – and that enables you to keep forward momentum.

There’s no need of trauma, for dire illness to start playing like that. Support each other in hitting the reset button ourselves, our organisations and the world.

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