En route to Paris, leaving paper behind

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Blue skies over Ebbsfleet

There aren’t many places I can say that I visit exactly twice a year – but Ebbsfleet Internetional is one of those. I’m sat in the departure lounge, waiting for my train to Paris for LeWeb. Every year I wonder if this will be my last trip there. And every year I head back.

This year, I’m trying to go completely paper-free for my travel. My boarding passes for the Eurostar and my LeWeb ticket are both securely held in my iPhone Passbook:

A full PassBook of LeWeb travel docs

My hotel booking is in Evernote, should I need to produce it, as is a copy of my parking receipt. This is the first time I’ve travelled completely without paper back-ups of these.

In fact, the only paper I’m carrying can be found in my Passport, and my Moleskine notebook. No books (Kindle and iPad), newspapers or magazines. Digital all the way, baby.

I’m putting my travel arrangements where my (digital) mouth is…


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