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Journalism in 2014

Paul Bradshaw has provided a handy round-up of what happened in the worlds of digital journalism in 2014.

Of note:

YouTube. Media organisations are still overlooking YouTubers in the same way as they overlooked Vice, Buzzfeed et al. But there are serious non-mainstream publishers on there doing things differently.

It’s not just YouTube – there’s an entire culture of online video that’s going unreported by most mainstream media – including the whole gaming video industry. There are media businesses and celebrities growing here that look so different to what we think of as journalism that people aren’t joining the dots – yet.

@ilicco The whole "let's play" / Twitch / game video celeb culture thing is fascinating, and under-reported.— Adam Tinworth (@adders) December 27, 2014

Amazon did, though. It acquired Twitch earlier in the year – for $970m in cash.

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