Today, some of my students from City are busy liveblogging news:rewired. So, left at a loose end, I’m sat in Shoreham, doing the very necessary work of curating the unofficial, and potentially liver-destroying news:rewired drinking game:


In my notional #newsrw drinking game "leverage" would be a shot, and "engagement" would be down a pint…

— Adam Tinworth (@adders) February 3, 2015

Wifi Problems

@adders "I can't get the wifi to connect" = three shots. #newsrw

— marc blank-settle (@MarcSettle) February 3, 2015

Risky – but appropriate.


@markjones Platform? Two fingers of your drink. #newsrw

— Adam Tinworth (@adders) February 3, 2015


@adders 'conversation'?

— Charlie Beckett (@CharlieBeckett) February 3, 2015

Struggling with this one. It used to be a core jargon word, but it’s been in retreat in recent years. I’m going with a shot, for nostalgia’s sake…


@nicolechanglin Yeah, that's a shot, too. #newsrw

— Adam Tinworth (@adders) February 3, 2015


@adders Any variations on 'it has to work on mobile' (or does that have too much potential for liver damage at this point)?

— Claire Miller (@clairemilleruk) February 3, 2015

@adders Thanks for making that mobile-optimised. drinks

— Richard Moynihan (@richjm) February 3, 2015

Two fingers of a pint, otherwise the liver damage would just be too much to sustain.

Any more for any more?