Why one tech company is quitting the UK, post-election

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Why one tech company is heading out of the UK, post-election:

Before the election, David Cameron stated that “should he be re-elected, a Tory government would plan to block encrypted messaging applications … unless the government gets backdoor access to users’ messages.” Well, guess what Ind.ie is building? And guess what we’re not going to do? That’s right, we’re not going to stay in a country where we might be forced to backdoor our products (and possibly not even be allowed to tell anyone about it).

There’s much I don’t like in Aral’s post – I can’t get behind the voter-blaming the way he does, for example – the core of his argument is one I agree with. While I understand the security motivation for the Conservatives’ plans, I feel that it crosses a threshold I’m uncomfortable with.

As a result, I’ve joined the Open Rights Group – on the basis that a specialist campaigning organisation is the best hope of opposing or significantly changing the legislation once it emerges.

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