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Why one tech company is quitting the UK, post-election

Why one tech company is quitting the UK, post-election

Why one tech company is heading out of the UK, post-election:

Before the election, David Cameron stated that “should he be re-elected, a Tory government would plan to block encrypted messaging applications … unless the government gets backdoor access to users’ messages.” Well, guess what is building? And guess what we’re not going to do? That’s right, we’re not going to stay in a country where we might be forced to backdoor our products (and possibly not even be allowed to tell anyone about it).

There’s much I don’t like in Aral’s post – I can’t get behind the voter-blaming the way he does, for example – the core of his argument is one I agree with. While I understand the security motivation for the Conservatives’ plans, I feel that it crosses a threshold I’m uncomfortable with.

As a result, I’ve joined the Open Rights Group – on the basis that a specialist campaigning organisation is the best hope of opposing or significantly changing the legislation once it emerges.

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