Carrie Fisher gives no f*cks

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

The genius that is Carrie Fisher

Probably the best thing about The Force Awakens right now, is that fact that it’s brought Carrie Fisher back into the public eye:

When asked about losing weight for the movie, Fisher threw the question back at Robach, calling the topic “a stupid conversation … but you’re so thin, let’s talk about it. How do you keep that going on?” Meanwhile, Fisher’s beloved bulldog Gary sat on a separate director’s chair with his giant pink tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. (Fisher: “The tongue wasn’t out of his mouth before he saw the movie, and now…”) At one point, Fisher pointed out that Gary fell asleep during the interview, causing Robach to say through tears of laughter, “This is a low moment for me and my interviewing skills.”

H/T: Thibault Lemaitre

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