A platonic ideal of a journalist, probably.
What an AI thinks the ideal journalist looks like. 🤔

How to journalist better

This issue guaranteed to be 100% Halloween free — unless you're really scared of AI content… 

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

How to interview (illustrated version)

Now, I know that you, noble and valued subscriber, don't need refreshers on how to interview well. But I bet you've edited copy where the lack of such skills left out at you. When, here's a lovely wee visual refresher to gently point people to.

What I like about it in particular is that it's a way of communicating this information without it being just the standard 1200 to 1500 words of advice. In fact, it takes exactly that sort of article, and makes it visual. We really could stand to do more experimentation like this in our work…

I'll be sharing this with my students, and I bet you might have some colleagues who could stand to benefit from the advice:

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