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Twitter gets more visual, with better photo display

Twitter gets more visual, with better photo display

The old days of Twitter just being 140 characters pushed through SMS are very long gone. Another step towards making it a channel for rich media experiences hit last night, with news that Twitter will no longer be cropping photos in Tweets when you view them in the stream. This is what a portrait-orientation photo will look like:

New look for twitter com photos 1

And this is how galleries will look in the stream:

New look for twitter com photos 2

And it was just in time for the big Apple “news” today:

“This is something only Apple can do.” pic.twitter.com/r2lnvK4adn

— ᶰᵒᵗ Jony Ive (@JonyIveParody) December 8, 2015

The Twitterati react…

Reaction has been mixed. On the positive side:

Photos will now matter even more on https://t.co/pNNWp2M5PM. https://t.co/vhRkUDUtkv pic.twitter.com/Sow3Y74Ws0

— Elana Zak (@elanazak) December 7, 2015

And Elana is right. Twitter engagement has been heavily driven by images for a long time now. This is just going to increase that.

On the negative:

ffs twitter’s new photo layout has ruined everything pic.twitter.com/h1pxFS3nqi

— Tom Phillips (@flashboy) December 7, 2015

Mourn for the wits of Twitter.