Platforms and Publishers: some thoughts on an abusive relationship

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Ashley Norris interviewed me about the relationship between platforms and publishers, and the result has just been published on the FIPP website.

It think it’s fair to say that I found I had some opinions on some of the questions. For example:

The key issue is that Facebook doesn’t really need us, and may be in the process of deciding that we’re more trouble than we’re worth.

Or how about this on live video?

Live video was largely a long, slow cock-up, where all the lessons of live TV were forgotten, and the fact that it is, by nature, a time-inefficient format in an attention-poor age forgotten. And it was frankly embarrassing seeing great swathes of the publishing industry asking “how high?” when Zuckerberg asked them to jump.

I think you might enjoy the rest

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