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Peak Steve Jobs

Peak Steve Jobs

From a fantastic thread about memories of someone who worked on the launch of the first iPad back in 2010.

(4) at one point steve wanted to turn UIKit elements orange. not just any orange, he wanted a particular orange from the button on a certain old sony remote. we got a bunch of remotes from sony with orange buttons to try and find the right one. in the end, steve hated it.

— Bethany Bongiorno (@bella_bongiorno) January 27, 2018

That’s about as Steve Jobs as it gets.

Follow the whole thread from this tweet:

i joined the iphone team in the fall of 2008, as an iphone software EPM, but was soon asked to lead the software project management efforts for a new device. which i later learned was a tablet…

— Bethany Bongiorno (@bella_bongiorno) January 27, 2018

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