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Even George RR Martin has left Livejournal

Even George RR Martin has left Livejournal

The last big user of the first platform I used has quit: Livejournal is not what it used to be.

A very, very long-time ago, I blogged for the very first time on a platform called LiveJournal. A young man called Mark Zuckerberg was a user, too. He "borrowed" some ideas from it for his product, thefacebook. I wonder whatever happened to that?

All these years on, Livejournal still exists and it is still used, even though it's now Russian-owned and run.

But its last, great user has left the building:

In the mid-aughts, LiveJournal was one of the top blogging services, and many a teen poured out their emotions on the site's digital pages. But little did the world know that in 2005, a popular-in-his-genre fantasy writer would join the platform and continuously blog long after the world moved on. Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin spent the next 13 years updating fans on his life and times, keeping a casual record even as his fame skyrocketed alongside the increasingly-popular HBO show based on his book series. But valar morghulis, and so too must blogs: Martin has killed his LiveJournal.

He's not abandoned blogging, though. Not a Blog lives on on his own website.

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