Facebook apologists are real

Are there people who still make excuses for Facebooks bahviour? Yes, there are.

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

John Gruber:

Are there Facebook apologists remaining?

Yes, there are. A couple of spaces I frequent online where social media marketing types hang out are rife with them. Whenever a citicism of Facebook is posted, they immediately move into "whataboutism" - "What about Google? What about Twitter?"

To misquote Upton Sinclair, it is difficult to get a man to understand the ethical problems with Facebook, when his salary depends on his not understanding them.

Gruber's suggestion:

Facebook is, in my opinion, the most dangerous company in the world, and ought to be broken up and then severely regulated. Again I say, Facebook is to privacy and civil discourse what Enron was to accounting.

Hard to disagree.

On personal note, I've been on Facebook hiatus since Christmas Day, and am feeling so much better for it.

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