LumaFusion on iOS: such an easy way to create social videos

LumaFusion on iPad makes knocking up quick and easy social videos a doddle.

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

I don't sing the praises of LumaFusion nearly enough on here. I've put some time in over the last couple of months getting to know it well, and it's really paid off. I was able to knock out this social video-style short in literally 10 minutes over a cup of coffee:

Yeah, it's not a superb video, but it's good enough for my own personal social accounts, and the time/reward ratio is pretty damn good. If you're familiar with Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro, it's fairly easy to get to grips with, once you figure out how to find where the various functions are tucked away in the touch interface.

Honestly, once you get into the habit of editing vide0 with touch on an iPad Pro, it's hard to go back to working on a Mac or PC. It's so much more intuitive "touching" the footage.

(The fact that my aging MacBook Pro struggles with 4k footage, but iPad Pro handles it with ease helps, too.)

I'm pretty confident that, for most people, this is as much video editing power as they need. Certainly, if you're not a pro doing three social videos a day, every day, this is more than enough for you.

And the price is very hard to argue with.

What a great piece of software.

  • The footage was shot with my Osmo Pocket Β β€” I'm planning on doing a full review in the next couple of weeks.
  • I have an upcoming social video course in a couple of months - please join us!
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