Five things worth reading this evening

It's not compulsory to be by a lake while you do so, though.

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

For all its problems, the internet is good for us

Ah, it's been a good long while since a link to a Jeff Jarvis post appeared on this site. However, I think he's right here. However much that internet has brought bad things into our life and society, it's still a net benefit (haha).

Imagine how the last year would have looked without the internet…

It's worth taking the time to remember that — and to think more about how we can preserve the good things while minimising the harms.

A thank-you note to the net — BuzzMachine
I want to say something unpopular and provocative: I am grateful for the internet, especially this year, most especially amid the pandemic that still...

A good example of a newsletter as a community around an individual

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