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Lunchtime links: subs, Google News and the problem with Wikipedia
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Lunchtime links: subs, Google News and the problem with Wikipedia

It must be the silly season. LinkedIn is getting into subs? Plus some useful stuff on Google News and a critical look at the media/Wikipedia intersection

Subscriptions. Subscriptions everywhere.

Dear goodness, now LinkedIn is looking at a news offer in its subscription product.

I wonder if we're heading towards a concentric circles model of content monetisation:

  1. The inner circle: your direct subscribers
  2. The middle circle: non-subscribers monetised through aggregators (Apple News, LinkedIn, etc…)
  3. The outer circle: non-subscribers monetised through advertising.
LinkedIn looks to premium publishers as a way to drive subscriber revenue
LinkedIn would like to broaden its premium membership, and it’s hoping that access to paywalled content from premium publishers will help.

The Automated Google News

Google News changed significantly a couple of years ago — but close enough to the pandemic that quite a few people failed to notice. This is a really good round-up of the technical implications of that — and how you can maximise your chances of appearing in Google News:

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