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5 tweets worth your attention this week

5 tweets worth your attention this week

Even a hellsite can produce gems worth your time.

Happy news for me this week, as the Ghost platform that I use to publish this site finally gains the ability to keep rich Twitter formatting in its newsletters. So, to celebrate, here are five tweets that caught my attention recently, that you might enjoy — or even *gasp* find useful.

1. The BBC won't cover this!

For many of us the “why aren't the BBC/MSM/Newspapers covering this?” tweet is an annoying itch that you can never quite scratch away. This, however, is an absolute masterpiece of the clueless form.

2. Amazing what you can do with an iPhone and its (wired) headphones

A storm wipes out the normal broadcast camera kit. So an iPhone, a cable clip inside the jacket and some wired headphones with a microphone on them does the job.

3. Anatomy of the story of the week

As Glenda says, an essential listen on the dynamics that led to one of the stories that's dominating UK headlines this week.

4. Who owns the .media (the dot is not a typo…)

If you buy a .media domain, who are you giving money to? Baekdal decided to find out…

5. Why you should always check crops on your Twitter cards…

The piece is worth reading. The Twitter card is… not exactly selling the story, now, is it?

Bonus: Great story, amazing photo

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