Cuttings #1: One year of Musk Twitter

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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Why verification is one of the critical journalism skills today

The outbreak of war in the Middle East was the dominant story of the weekend, unsurprisingly. Equally unsurprising is the speed with which misinformation is spreading on social networks — especially those with massively reduced trust and safety teams, like, oh, X (formerly known as Twitter):

Misinformation about Israel and Hamas is spreading on social media
Many of the misleadingly labeled videos were shared by verified users on X, who are eligible for monetization of their content.

Yet another example of why the Musk take-over of the bird app has become a global problem. And yes, it has been a year.

The “one year of Musk” reader

A year into Musk's stewardship of X (formerly known as Twitter), things are not going well. Even here, LinkedIn has eclipsed X as my main source of social traffic. The recent shift to remove headlines from link cards will just make that worse. Interestingly, this shift makes shared links look more like a rather scummy ad format X has introduced:

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