This is a list of useful reading on a range of topics related to audience engagement that I think makes up a useful basic reading list. Some of these pieces are old, some are new. I'll add to them as I disover — or remember — new posts.


‘Audience canvas’: create an audience-first strategy
Try this 45-minute audience growth method developed by Condé Nast and start turning fly-by readers into loyal followers

Community Management

If your website’s full of assholes, it’s your fault
We’re twenty years in to this world wide web thing. Today, I myself celebrate twelve years of writing this blog. And yet those of us who love this medium, who’ve had our lives changed by the possibility of publishing our words to the world without having to ask


Why People Become Internet Trolls - Doctor Adam
How we can address the empathy deficit online
Our experiments taught us why people troll
You might think that trolling on the internet is done by a small, vocal minority of sociopaths. But what if all trolls aren’t born trolls? What if they are ordinary people like you and me?