Essential Analytics — Scenarios A

Table of Contents

Scenario 1

You’re working for a site with a progressive paywall — customers get up to 10 articles free per month, and then have to register for 10 more. After that, it’s an (expensive) paid subscription.

You have no problems acquiring new subscribers right now — but your retention rate is terrible. The publisher wants to focus on getting that retention rate up as quickly as you can.

What sort of metrics would you apply to resolving this problem at a content level?

Scenario 2

You’ve been tasked with launching a new site for a subsection of your existing audience, in an attempt to develop a new brand and niche revenue stream. There are three potential subsections of that audience, each with distinct interests, which are already covered to some degree by the existing site.

How would you use analytics to inform each group’s potential before you settle on your launch target?

Would your strategy change if the core approach was conversions (to a paid product) rather than just advertising? And how would you use analytics once the site had launched?