Logging in to the course notes

Here’s how you access your course notes

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When you click on the link to the course notes, you'll see a screen like this:

What hitting the Ghost memberwall looks like
You've hit the memberwall

Don't worry — I'm not asking you to pay! You just need to click the “login” button under the big green “Subscribe” button:

How subscribers access a Ghost site
Here's where you click for access

You'll be asked to put in your email address: use the same one all your course correspondence was delivered to.

A few moments later, you should get an email that looks like this:

A ghost login email
Your login email

Click on the Sign in link, and you should come staright back to the page you were on — but with full access:

A logged in page on OM&HB
The notes are yours!

You can also change your email address (if you move jobs, for example) or subscribe to my newsletters (you're unsubscribed by default) just by clicking the account button in the top right — or clicking here.

That will pop up a window like this:

Account management in Ghost
Account management in Ghost

Any problems? Drop me a line.