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Some recommendations of current software and hardware that's useful in mobile journalism work.

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Shooting & Editing Software

Here’s some useful software and supporting guides for working on video in a quick and efficient manner:


  • Adobe Premier Rush - a fast and mobile-friendly slimmed down version of Premiere Pro that's everything most people need. An impressive product from Adobe that's being improved quickly.


  • Wotchit — commercial product, designed especially for social video production. Worth checking out if you’re serious about it.
  • Adobe Spark – also available on iOS
  • Vimeo Create - a realtively new, online social video creator. Very promising.


  • iMovie — free with Apple devices. Quite a powerful editor, but limited in its captioning options.
  • GoPro Quik — surprisingly versatile free editor from GoPro
  • Final Cut Pro — Apple’s pro-level editor. An easy step up from iMovie when you get frustrated by its limitations.
  • Adobe Premiere Elements — probably the best low-cost PC video editor. (Also available on Mac)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro — The industry standard video editor. Often it’s a sledgehammer to crack a pistachio nut — but there are times when you appreciate the depths of its toolset


  • iMovie— great app for getting started on video editing.
  • LumaFusion — pro-level video editing on your phone (or, better, iPad) – highly recommended.
  • FiLMiC Pro — a great video capture app if you want more control than the built-in app offers
  • ProCamera — an alternative if FilmicPro isn’t to your taste.
  • Adobe Express - quick and easy social video (and graphic) creation
  • Splice - recently completely revamped, and now a powerful little social video editor, albeit at a subscription price.


  • Kinemaster – this seems to be the preferred Android editor amongst the mobile journalism community



The DJi Osmo Pocket

  • The DJi Osmo Pocket 2 — Not cheap (at over £300), but a handy gimbal-based complement to your pobile phone. High quality — and very unobtrusive — which can be very useful. Exptensive range of accessories, incluidng a mic adaptor for using a lavalier mic is and, with version 2, a wireless microsphone acessory.


The Glif in use

  • Glif — a great product, Kickstarted a few years ago, that I highly recommend. Can be anything from a tripod adaptor to a full MoJo rig. Also available with a wooden grip. Go for that, if you have the budget.
  • Shoulderpod — this has been displaced by the Glif for me, but some people prefer the physical robustness of the R2
  • Gorillapod – this is the best and most versatile small tripod they produce, I think.
  • MicRig – a new microphone and grip combination, funded via Kickstarter. Usable with phones, DSLRs, CSCs and GoPros.
  • The DJi OM5 – astonishing bit of kit for just £139 – a fully featured smartphone gimbal that’s really easy to use and suprisingly portable.This product line is improving year after year.


Røde VideoMic Go

  • Røde VideoMic Go — fantastic value for money. Small, light and self-powered. A perfect “throw in the bag and go” mic for use with cameras or smartphone. You’ll need this cable to attach it to a smartphone, though
  • Røde SmartLav+ — Great little smartphone lav mic, for attaching to lapels or people’s clothes.


All Purpose

The Sevenoak SmartCine

  • The SmartCine by Movo - and all in one combination grip, tripod mount, microphone and ringlight. Perfect for shooting interviews with your smartphone. Superb value for money.

Other resources

This is a useful set of suggested gear from Robb Montgomery:

Gear - Robb Montgomery
The best gear for mobile journalism, smartphone video production and professional mobile filmmaking. From low cost and DIY solutions to gimbals and high-end mics.

Last Updated: November 29th 2021

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