Halesworth Food Fayre
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Halesworth Food Fayre

Playing the fayreSunday morning in Suffolk is relaxing for a Londoner, even at its busiest. Take the Halesworth Food Fayre, which occupies the whole Throughfare from 10am to 10pm. It can get crammed later in the day, but we got up early and enjoyed it at its quietest.

It was the best the countryside has to offer: natural honey, plants a-plenty, a whole hog roasting over a fire and more hippie-style crafts than any one person can possibly need. chillies

Our progress down the street was slowed by Mum running into people she knew every 50 yards but it was worth it to reach the band at the end. “We’re playing Halesworth’s main stage later,” declared one of the musicians. “Halesworth’s main stage! We’ve made it!”

Glastonbury? Pah! Halesworth every time!


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