Selling in Bristol
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Selling in Bristol

It’s Saturday afternoon in the southern suburbs of Bristol, so what are the good Bristolians doing? They’re at a car boot sale, of course.

And there we spent the day flogging our unwanted goods to passers-by and eager bargain-hunters alike. It’s like a low-tech, open air eBay!

I took the opportunity to have a wander around the whole of the sale – maybe a hundred or so stalls – and see what was on offer. I strongly suggest that anybody who was in a pop group popular with teenagers eight to 10 years ago should avoid this sort of sale, because they’re going to find themselves very depressed very quickly.

The same goes for Gary Barlow, too. The whole of Bristol seems to have decided simultaneously that buying any of his solo stuff was a significant error, one that can only be corrected by the immediate sale of his CDs. Around 20p a go, if you’re interested.

Oh, and clearly the fashionable young ladies of the South West have decided that the animal print mini-skirt is over. There were dozens of the things on sale, none of them in my size, alas.


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