Visual Styling, Sin City-style

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

In recent weeks One Woman and I have watched both Down With Love and The Man Who Wasn’t There. While the former was an average movie redeemed by some great performances and the latter one of the weaker Cohen Brothers movies, both had a very distinct visual style that I could relish even with the sound turned down and my mind utterly disengaged from the plot. Why, I though, do so few movies attempt this degree of visual style? Even Tim Burton, whose earlier movies like, say, Edward Scissorhands or even Batman, had a very distinct visual style, seems to have gone off the boil. So, where the interesting new visual style in movies coming from?

Well, there’s one very prominant example in production as we speak. Robert Rodriguez is filming Frank Miller‘s series of Sin City graphic novels and boy, does it look good. As Population One points out, there’s a movie demonstrating how the visual style of the comic book has translated into film online. Go, look and enjoy. This is good stuff.


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