From Journalism to the Sex Business
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From Journalism to the Sex Business

What's the natural next step after leaving journalism? Set up an online sex shop.
From Journalism to the Sex Business

I came across this earlier:

Starting out, after journalism

A conversation with Richard Longhurst is like tiptoeing through a linguistic minefield. Suddenly, innocuous expressions such as growing businesses, bottom lines and rising profits are steeped in innuendo, but there cannot be many childish double entendres that Mr Longhurst hasn’t heard before.
That is because, for the past three years, this former information technology journalist and his business partner, Neal Slateford, have been running LoveHoney, a hugely successful internet company selling sex toys. It is a long way from computers to condoms, so just how did the pair make the leap?

Now I know what to do for a living when I quit the journalism business.


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