Petrol Stations: not good for drivers

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

BP Garage, SuttonYou know, lovely as it to be able to get a great sandwich or a cup of coffee in a garage, sometime you just want something to clean your windscreen with. And these new convenience store-style operations make that really, really hard.

I needed some screen wipes to help cleanse my car of the shattered corpses of dozens of insects that were just too slow. Could I find them? No. Eventually I broke down and asked a member of staff for some held, and he pointed me to a tiny shelving unit hidden away by the tills. And there it was: a small selection of driving paraphernalia, including engine oil and screen wipes.

If petrol stations have stopped selling this stuff, where do people buy it? Do they all go to Halfords? Or do they just leave it to the car wash and the guy that services the car?

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