Digg Me! Newsvine Me! and Other Attention Seeking Tactics

How useful are “share me” links on articles?

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Anthonty has a wee think about how useful those “post to Digg” links at the bottom of blog posts are in generating traffic, based on this handy graph. He’s done a really nice little round-up of how different “big media” properties, including my own employer’s New Scientist, handle them.

Executive summary? They’re pretty good traffic drivers. The irony here is that I’ve just removed mine. They will probably reappear after some work and thought.

However, the thing that troubles me about these social voting and bookmarking sites is that, on the whole, they’re great for technology-based content, but none of the services seem to have made aggressive inroads into other niches just yet. So, I could see them working for our Computer Weekly bloggers (Stuart, David and Tony), but would they work for Caterer, say?


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