Newspapers: To Blog, or Not To Blog

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

So, here’s the first in what should be a wave of posts from tabs I’ve had sitting open, ready for me to blog about:


My, but things are getting interesting in the big, bad world of mainstream journalistic blogging. For one thing, one of our tabloids has been blogging away and nobody’s noticed. Yes, The Mirror managed to launch 13 blogs, with all the functionality you’d expect, and nobody really noticed in the blogging world. Ah, well, all that proved is that we’re all intellectual snobs, who won’t touch tabloids with a bargepole.

Meanwhile, the broadsheets aren’t having a great time of it. Shane Richmond of The Telegraph has been asking the paper’s bloggers to avoid talking about the workings of the paper. And that’s a shame, because it was an element of their blogs I liked. Jeff Jarvis takes the paper to task, and lays into The Independent‘s pathetic blogging effort while he’s at it.

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Mainstream technology journalists aren’t happy about the bloggers at CES, either. I’ve just started to see the first resistance to blogging from journalists at RBI. Plenty of interesting days ahead�

On the positive side, Steve Rubel has noted that the Washington Post is gearing up to launching a blog portal for local bloggers. While this is something the �local nationals� of the US can do, and which the UK �true nationals� would struggle with, it is something that the struggling regional newspaper industry could look very seriously at, don’t you think?

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