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A few notes from the podcasting session.

Peter Whitehead, FT Digital Business Editor, said that they discovered over time that podcasts can’t be repackaged content from the existing outlets, but something in its own right. Low quality “office chat” or high quality, radio-like atmosphere? Going for the latter, but a long way yet to go.

Trevor Dann, director of the Radio Academy: Podcasting leading the radio insustry. The FT’s content is radio, delivered by podcasting. Once you include video, you lose portability — that’s the great strength of radio, it’s a secondary medium. You can do something else while listening to it.

Peter: not dangerous, not doing live, another channel to distribute our content. The listeners are niche audiences, but very valuable. iTunes putting FT logo on their podcasting homepage quadrupled number of downloads instantly.

Trevor: used to licensed, governed radio. The internet is a fantastic opportunity to converse abouit subjects with audiences. Radio has to be impartial. Podcasts don’t. The audience won’t want glorified adverts, they want authenticity.

Free vrs paid for:

At moment difficult to monetise. Will come. Might be slower than we’d like.

Time for closing drinks, I think.

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