Alan Johnston: Show Your Support

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Alan Johnston bannerBBC Journalist Alan Johnston has now been missing for over a month. He is believed to have been kidnapped on his way home from his Gaza City office, but there have been no firm reports of his whereabouts or health in that time. Indeed, some of the messages issuing from the area seem contradictory.

Journalists who work in the world’s most troubled places put their lives on the line to bring the reality of life there to us. Their work is invaluable in bringing us a greater understanding of the world we live in.

To help raise awareness of Alan’s situation, the BBC has released a graphic (which you can see in this post, and in the sidebar on the front of this blog) which you can embed in your blog, social networking site (MySpace et al). The image links to a page on the BBC News website which has more information about Alan’s situation and gives readers the chance to add their names to a petition calling for his release.

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