Planning Le Web 3 2007 in Public

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

LEWEB3mirror.pngI think it’s good to praise and well as complain so, in that spirit, I’d like to point out that Loïc is busy planning Le Web 3 2007 in public, both on his blog and over on Facebook. It seems only fair after what I posted about last year’s event.

Loïc’s just posted the idea pool he’s drawing from at the moment and it looks… interesting. It doesn’t feel like it’s really addressing the problem of a very diverse group of attendees, which was one of the big issues last year, but that can’t really be solved without moving to a multi-track conference, which is a more complicated undertaking. However, there’s a good pool of speakers already, and a welcome move away from anodyne panels.

At least this year, nobody’s going to be able to complain that they didn’t really know what they were getting. (I can’t help thinking that calling the conference Le Web 3 2007 rather than Le Web 4 suggests that, given enough time, all publicity is good publicity.)

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