Blogging is a Cruel Mistress, says Mr BigLorryBlog

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth


So I share a couple of links with you. One of our bloggers, the venerable Brian Weatherley of Big Lorry Blog has done a guest post for the Automotive PR blog giving some, hmm, vivid descriptions of what it’s like being a committed journoblogger:

But like I said it’s a cruel and demanding mistress. I have to post
everyday, often 3-4 times. If you don’t believe me, ask my fellow
bloggers on Will Shiers and especially Ollie Dixon
who runs an excellent, pithy and highly-respected blog on the
machinations of the world’s commercial vehicle manufacturers every
day—although I suspect many would prefer him not to. Ollie will
confirm that your blogging audience demands fresh meat…every 24hrs. And
during high days and holidays it’s not easy, well actually it’s very
easy if I don’t want to get a ‘real’ life and don’t care about
upsetting the wife who thinks I’m round the twist anyway. However,
having created a demand, I’ve now got to feed it with new postings
every day.

Brian’s witterings were picked up by Heather Yaxley of Green Banana:

He is one of the few motoring journalists who really understands blogging – because he has been there and does it.

And that’s the key point right there. Journalists often find it hard to understand why there offline reputation doesn’t transfer into instant online blogging success. After two years of solid graft, Brian has transformed his vast body of knowledge into an enjoyable and popular blog. It’s not always quick, but it’s worth it.


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