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Le Web 3 Missing Posts 1: 11 Thoughts from Doc Searls

Doc Searls at Le Web 3

Doc Searls gave what turned into a rapid fire presentation about 11 ideas he had about the future of the web. Here they are, in their abbreviated glory:

  1. Bullshit will lose leveredge – advertising does not scale to the sky
  2. Advertising as we know it will die – Google does not get irony or metaphor
  3. Herding people into walled gardens and guessing about what makes them social will seem absurd – and it already is
  4. We’ll realize that the most valuable producers are what used to be called consumers
  5. The value chain will be replaced by the value constellation
  6. What’s your business model will no longer be asked of everything – not everything is a business, something is just useful.
  7. We’ll make money by maximising “because effects”
  8. Markets will be understood in terms of relations
  9. The Live web is more important than Web X.n
  10. We will marry the Live Web to the value constellation. The individual is the real platfom
  11. We’ll be able to manage vendors at least as well as they manage us

Other bloggers managed more detail.

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