An Anonymous Anti-Blogger Journalist?

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

FlightbloggerA few months back, Flight International, one of our most successful publishing divisions, hired a well-known blogging in the aerospace industry, Jon Ostrower aka Flightblogger, to come blog for us. And it’s been a great success. He’s by far the most trafficked blogger in that market, and is regularly vying for the position of most popular blog we have with the New Scientist blogs.

So, trebles all round in RBI’s palatial blogging HQ? Well, pretty much, to be honest.

However, one of the team just stumbled over something rather interesting: Flightbloggercritic. Essentially, a one post blog, the self-proclaimed critic rails against Ostrower’s ways of working:

Besides being irked by the fact that flightblogger
doesn’t see the need to disclose his “sources”, nor will he ever, (so
why is it we believe what he’s putting out there?), I’m amazed that
Boeing isn’t doing “damage control” (which might be a good indication
the info is accurate or has been “placed”) and more flabberghasted that
it has someone running around taking pictures and sending off
potentially damaging information in a secure facility.

That first sentence there raises the possibility that the flightblogger critic may actually be an anonymous journalist somewhere within the team, annoyed at the attention given to a non-journalist…

The path of true traffic gains never runs smooth.

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